Choose Your Mood with Natural Stone

Colors have been a part of science since 1666 when Sir Isaac Newton discovered the ways white light passed through a prism. Fast forward to modern times and now scientists study how color can affect our moods. 

For example: yellow emotes energy, blue creates calmness, and green signals safety. 

When you’re designing for your home, you should consider how color can impact the overall design and feel of a space. 

Looking for inspiration? We’ve got some for you!

Dark and Moody

If you love the dark and moody look consider picking from these colors:

  • Narragansett Green
  • Hague Blue
  • Hale Navy
  • Tricorn black

When it comes to using dark tones on walls, it can be a big commitment. If you’re worried the dark paint might make the room feel too heavy or too small, consider designating one wall for this color. 

An accent wall will ensure that your room will pop and it creates great contrast in the space. Pro tip: create an accent wall around a fireplace in a dark color that contrasts a lighter stone, like our Sisal or Nube, so that your fireplace becomes the main focal point. 

If you do choose to paint your whole room with a darker color, consider light furniture and high-contrast accent pieces. This will keep your room from becoming too dark and cave-like. 

Bright and Fun

If dark colors aren’t for you, opt for a bright and fun color for your wall. These colors can include:

  • Spring Iris
  • Blue Ground
  • Perfect Pear
  • Sweet Taffy

Have fun with your new room design. Bright colors really help to bring your space to life and are always fun to incorporate in entertaining spaces, offices, and playrooms. 

If you’re ready to go all in on color, consider layering colored furniture on top of your colorful walls. For a pop of freshness, add in some plants and greenery. Lastly, consider grounding the space and creating some neutrality by adding a natural stone accent to your room. Our Sisal, Nube, or Coral stone would make a great foundation to any colorful room when used as accent tiles to a bathroom or kitchen.


If fully saturated colors are too much for your taste, we have curated some options for our minimalists. Wall colors we would suggest for this aesthetic would be:

  • Crushed Ice
  • Downing Slate
  • Folkstone
  • Light French Gray

Painting your walls with a neutral color leaves endless possibilities for your room. If you like bright or darker colors but aren’t sure about using it for your walls, try furniture in that color

Or, if you like the clean and put together look, try for an all white living room. This creates a calming and minimalistic  look no matter what type of home you have. 

Gentle reminder: If you have pets, consider staying clear of the all white look!

If you are looking to pair this mood with one of our natural stones, any of them will fit in perfectly. 

Combine Your Color with Natural Stone

No matter what color you have chosen for your rooms you can always pair it with a gorgeous natural stone to elevate the look. 

Dean Agency offers four types of stones that can be crafted into slabs, tiles, sinks, tubs, and more.


This is an off-white stone with accents of tan and beige. Sisal has a sensual, natural texture that is reflected in its honey-brown color and its seashell content. It is ideal for floor and wall coverings, interior or exterior.


A soft white stone, coral stone contains crustacean fossils and organic impressions and brings the Florida Keys to mind. It can be used in different sizes and a minimum thickness of three quarters inch to form several patterns in any vertical or horizontal application. 


Nube offers versatility for interior and exterior applications. It features beige and light brown tones that make it a perfect accent for a wide range of commercial and residential projects.
Ready to incorporate one of these quality stones into your next project? Contact us today to learn more.

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