Commercial Design Trends for 2021

A lot of things have changed over the last 12 months, and as a result, our functional design needs and desires continue to evolve. Throughout our history, Dean Agency International, Ltd. has had the opportunity to partner with clients on a variety of residential and commercial projects.

In serving the latter, we like to keep our eye on the trends to better understand how our product offerings can continue to match the evolving needs of our customer base. We’ve been keeping an eye on commercial design trends and these are a few of the things we’re seeing in 2021.

Outdoor Space Additions Surge in Commercial Spaces

On the heels of a global pandemic that saw businesses scrambling to create outdoor spaces in order to continue serving customers, it’s no surprise that the commercial spaces continue to prioritize outdoor areas.

SOURCE: Embracing the World of Outdoor Work Spaces, Commercial Property Executive.

An increase in patio space additions and upgrades has been seen across industries in places like restaurants, lounges, hotels, and even office spaces.

Commercial Design Brings the Outdoors In

Speaking of the outdoors, commercial spaces are looking for new and creative ways to bring the outdoors in. This trend takes a page right out of the residential design book, as we have been watching people refresh their interior spaces with houseplants and tons of natural elements.

Commercial design’s take sees the designs at scale, think larger trees and plants, natural textures and fibers, natural stone, water features, and even nature-inspired color palettes.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Commercial Spaces

Sustainability is still top of mind for many businesses, and that trickles down into how they design and use their commercial spaces. From materials to technology, businesses are stepping up their game when it comes to creating eco-friendly work and commercial spaces.

Photo Source: REI via

Pictured above, the REI Distribution Center in Arizona is the first distribution center in the U.S. to receive LEED-Platinum certification and achieve a Net Zero energy status.

Did you know that natural stone is considered one of the most sustainable materials that you can use? The materials meet a variety of green architecture requirements including reduced environmental impact, improved energy efficiency, reduced waste and use of natural resources, and have a long life span. Whether you’re considering an eco-friendly interior stone or tile or searching for the perfect eco-friendly façade, natural stone offers tons of benefits and fabrication options and is worth your consideration.

Use of Textures

Clean, modern, minimalistic designs are still all the rage, but designers are bringing dimension into commercial spaces through us of texture. It’s a great way to add some variety to a design palette without having to introduce additional color tones. This is often achieved through tiles, stones, or wall coverings that keep color variations minimal but provide stunning detail and style through texture.

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