Exploring Changing Trends in Commercial Spaces

With a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable materials, as well as increased technology integration, commercial spaces are becoming more and more cutting-edge. Here are a few design trends to keep an eye out for in some of the most common commercial spaces over the next few years. 

Hotels and Hospitality Spaces

There will be a continued focus on creating unique hospitality experiences that reflect the location. Local materials will be used whenever possible to create a sense of place. There will also be an emphasis on sustainability, with recycled materials being used whenever possible.

And, of course, technology will play a big role in hotel design, with more and more hotels offering mobile check-in and checkout, as well as in-room entertainment systems that can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet.

Restaurant Concept Design by KEY Design & DASP Bureau on Behance.

Restaurants and Food Venues

We can expect to see more open-concept restaurants that blur the line between indoor and outdoor dining. There will also be a continued focus on sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. Technology has already started to play a role in restaurant design, with digital menus and self-ordering kiosks becoming more common. 

Retail Areas

There will be a move away from traditional retail spaces and towards experiential retailing, which means that stores will focus on creating an environment that customers enjoy spending time in rather than just somewhere to make a purchase. Technology will also play a big role in retail design, with stores using virtual reality and augmented reality to give customers a preview of products before they buy them. 

Facades and Exteriors

When designing and selecting materials for building exteriors and facades, designers will continue to focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. This can greatly impact the materials selections on a project as the environmental impacts of sourcing as well as the efficiency of the final building will be factored into the decision-making process.  

As with interior spaces, we can also expect to see more mixed-material facades that use a combination of metal, glass, wood, and stone. This creates visual interest and really allows architects and designers to play of the natural surroundings of buildings, shopping centers, office spaces and more. 

Multicarpet/Rollux Showroom (c) Aryeh Kornfeld

Finally, as technology continues to advance, we may start to see more buildings with interactive facade elements that respond to the environment or the people around them.

Planning a Commercial Project? We can help. 

If you’re planning on doing any commercial renovations in the next few years, make sure to keep these trends in mind! And don’t forget to incorporate natural stone into your eco-friendly designs; it’s versatile, durable, and looks great!

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