Hotel and Hospitality Design trends for 2021

As traveling is starting to pick up after the pandemic, here’s what guests are looking for when choosing a hotel.

Unique Design and Personalization

Many hotel guests want their hotel to be unique and not the same as all the rest. Personalized treatment and experiences are the number one way to attract millennials and gen z guests in a hyper-competitive travel and tourism market.

Personalizing greetings, amenities, in-room products, and more can show your guests that you will go above and beyond to serve them. Making rooms feel approachable, almost like  guests are at home, this will make them feel comfortable and relaxed in your space.

Cater to millennial travelers with an updated business center. Embrace coworking spaces that blend working and social interaction instead of a traditional hotel business center set up.

In the age of social media, incorporating creative photo opportunities into your décor can help create a positive online presence for your hotel. Setting up rooms and common areas that look appealing and unique will urge guests to take photos and share their positive experiences.

Now deemed “lifestyle lobbies”,  many hotels are opting for decor that makes the first impression feel like entering a family room. A welcoming environment in the lobby encourages guests to enjoy these spaces, as opposed to spending most of their time in private rooms.

Technology & Eco-friendly Additions

Smart components such as controlling room temperature, lighting, and entertainment through a mobile device or by voice will attract the younger generations. Make your hotel stand out with mobile device door keys for added security. This type of technology allows guests to message staff through a smartphone.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, there’s no excuse for excluding green elements into your hotel design and features. There are tons of easy-to-implement options. Solar panels are the most common, but other things such as recycled materials, recycling linens, LED lighting, and water conservation devices are a great addition to reducing your carbon footprint.

For many architects and designers working on projects seeking LEED certification, natural stone materials are a versatile choice. With the variety of customization options, finishes, and applications, natural stone can be used throughout the project and the material meets requirements for LEED-certified buildings.

Incorporate Natural Stone

Natural stone is a great way to bring luxe design and versatility to your hotel. The versatility of natural stone makes it a great addition to every space and aesthetic. Sell the experience of your hotel with photo-worthy spaces made of bold natural stone. Marketing travel and hospitality is about the experience your guests will get when they choose your services. Emulate the “luxe” lifestyle by incorporating materials such as natural stone into your design.


Natural stone is a durable option, especially for high foot traffic areas. Especially in common areas such as a lobby, pool deck, patio, or stone walking path, natural stone is built to survive the wear and tear of the elements and constant traffic.


Natural stone can be used in a variety of ways no matter the space. With endless options for stone fabrication, here are some of our favorites.


  • Staircases
  • Accent Walls
  • Flooring
  • Bathrooms
  • Spas
  • Columns
  • Architectural Features


  • Patio and Pool Decks
  • Water Features
  • Flooring
  • Columns
  • Architectural Features
  • Building Facades
  • Copings
  • Window Sills and Surrounds

Project Highlight

We were honored to help source natural stone for the Embassy Suites in St. Augustine Beach, Florida.

This installation features our Sisal Antique stone, specially quarried to produce the hardest stone for this commercial space. The stone was cut  ¾” thick for additional durability, ensuring the longevity of the stonework and minimizing long-term replacement costs.

Designed by J Banks Design Group in Hilton Head, SC and installed by Martin’s Flooring in Orlando, FL, this space featured 9,000 square feet of flooring.

The Sisal Antique stone was chosen by designers because of the small crustaceans and seashells embedded in it that were once on the ocean floor; making it the perfect option for a beachfront hotel. The brushed finish was selected because it provided slip resistance for guests as they return from the beach or pool areas, or even during a rainy summer day.

Looking for stone selections for your upcoming project? Contact us today to get started!

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