How To Pair Natural Stone With Trending Tile

Colored Tiles 

White and neutral tiles are out and colored tiles are in. Designers have been using more saturated and vibrant colors, think teal, dark yellow, and rust. 

If your style is white or neutral not to worry, we have a solution to revamp your home as well. 

Statement Wall

A statement wall is a great way to spice up your white or neutral spaces. For example, if your bathroom wall surrounding your shower consists of white or neutral tiles add in a black tiled wall. The black tile will make your white stone really pop! 

Terrazzo & Mosaic Tiles

In 2022 we are moving away from subway and consistently  shaped tiles. Say hello to your home’s newest addition, terrazzo and mosaic tiles.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are a fun new way to incorporate a pop of color into your home. Terrazzo adds tons of texture and creates lots of visual interest in a space. . This textured tile is a great option for  your bathroom floor.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles offer a twist on single shaped tiles used throughout a wall or flooring. If you already have a hexagonal tiled wall try adding a chevron tiled wall next to it. 

Looking for a drab space to add a punch of fun? Try this trend in your laundry room  to spice up a space that is often overlooked. 

Large Format Tiles

We have seen a shift in home trends from classic and traditional  to modern and minimal. If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to a space, this is the trend for you. Adding large format  tiles to your walls or flooring will have you in awe. Did we mention this trend looks amazing with our natural stone?

Pattern Tiles

Pattern tiles have been around for as long as we can remember so there’s no need to worry about this trend going out of style. Bring this retro styled tile back by incorporating it into your kitchen backsplash or laundry room. 

A bonus? As these continue to rise in popularity, there are tons of different options including colors, materials, and shapes, that can offer a unique look for your statement design. 

How To Pair Tile With Natural Stone

What better way to make your tile pop than with natural stone? Tile and natural stone seem to be the two biggest trends when it comes to remodeling your home in 2022. We’re going to show you how to pair these trending tiles with our natural stone

Colored Tiles

If you are going with brightly colored tiles for your home we suggest pairing it with one of our neutral colored stones. Our neutral stones include: Nube, Sisal, and Coral Stone. These stones would allow the tile to pop while providing  a subtle, stylish primary tile option in your design.

Mosaic Tiles

Create a beautiful kitchen backsplash with mosaic tiles. These intricately patterned backsplashes pair great with a natural stone countertop or island. 

Large Format & Terrazzo Tiles

Large Format & Terrazzo Tiles can be paired with any of our stones. Create a beautiful backdrop by adding in a large format, natural stone tiled wall that continues into a  terrazzo floor in your bathroom. 

Or, use natural stone and create a free standing tub or a luxurious walk-in shower. Natural stone is a great water resistant material for bathrooms and spas. 

Pattern Tiles

With summer around the corner patterned tiles would make a great addition to outdoor living spaces. Incorporate these tiles into the back splash of your pool or hot tub or even your outdoor kitchen. Then freshen up your pool deck or patio with our popular Nube or Sisal stone, which is a great material for outdoor use and brings that perfect coastal feel to your outdoor space. 

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